Fresh Ingredients & Fresh Ideas


At Hansen Foods, we go above and beyond to offer only top-quality ingredients to our customers!

Whether you are looking for smoked provolone, mozzarella or gorgonzola cheese, Hansen can provide the best. We source much of our dairy from Wisconsin…that is well known for its quality. Our meats include Italian sausage, Cajun sausage, Breakfast sausage, Canadian bacon, all natural pepperoni, sliced angus beef steak and chicken strips along with a multitude of other high quality, delicious meats.

As a Hansen Foods customer, you can select from our extensive list of sauces including Alfredo, ranch, buffalo, BBQ and top your pizza with our fresh tomatoes from California and herbs and have the finest product available.

If you are looking for an ingredient we don’t currently offer, we will find it! It doesn’t matter if we’re helping a customer make better pizza or better margins, everybody at Hansen Foods believes they can make a difference. Innovation is an ingredient that keeps our company providing value to our customers and one step ahead of the competition.

To learn more about our private label pizza program and amazing selection of ingredients we offer, contact us or give our Director of Business Development Private Label Cindy Egnarski a call at 920-619-5152 today!