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Hansen Foods is proud to be the home of Pep’s frozen pizza. Since it’s Wisconsin beginnings in 1962, Pep’s is built on the freshest ingredients, perfect sauce, and original recipes pizza lovers demand. We invite you to explore all of our Pep’s varieties and find your favorite!

Pep’s Drafthaus Original Pizza

When it comes to frozen pizza, there is Pep’s Drafthaus Original and there’s everyone else. Live your best frozen pizza life. Make your house a Drafthaus.

Pep’s 62 Pizza

Age is just a number, unless you’re the original. Pep’s 62 is something special.  From the Pep’s family to yours. Original taste. Awesome price.

Pep’s Italian-oh!

All natural ingredients atop an authentic artesian crust baked in Italy combine for savory culinary creation direct from Italy to your table.

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