Our History


Hansen Foods’ work ethic, customer focus and “can-do” attitude date back to 1912, when Andy Rasmussen started the company from his 10-acre farm in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Fresh produce, hard work and big ideas took the company from the early years of milk delivery to award-winning ice cream.

Through the 50’s Hansen Foods began opening retail stores and expanded the product line to include subs, chicken and pizza. It was the fresh pizza that elevated the company over the next 20 years and local charities began demanding fresh toppings for fundraising events. Hansen’s uses the freshest ingredients possible, which means top quality for our customers.



In 1975, Hansen’s took this passion for pizza and the local people to heart and began full-production at a new manufacturing plant. Over the years, the focus has moved away from Hansen owned retail stores towards helping businesses and communities grow fundraising and private label programs. Looking back, it’s that same old fashioned customer service paired with a new evolution of innovative thinking that will keep Hansen Foods on America’s dinner tables for years to come.

Whether you are looking to create a private label product or raise funds for your school, team, organization or group, Hansen Foods has your solution!

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