You raise the funds. We'll drizzle the chocolate.
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Getting the fundraising wheels rolling has never been easier. We do all the work on the back end so all you need to do is get customers and start raising money for your charity or cause. Whether you work through one of our sales team or buy directly from this website, we will process, track, ship and automatically credit your account for fundraising. Simply contact our fundraising team or place an order at our online store.

Join our sales team

Being on our fundraising sales team has many advantages. Not only do you help local communities, but as an independant salesperson you can manage your own hours, your own workload and have the benefits of running your own business. Add to this the full marketing and fulfillment support of Hansen Foods, and you know that you’ll be part of a winning team. We have fundraising teams in over 28 states and counting. For more team member information contact us today!