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Hansen Foods is a dynamic and growing Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company that produces national and regional private label branded pizza’s for many well-known brands.

Down on the Farm

Hansen Foods continues a 108-year tradition of producing and providing high-quality products for consumers. Founded in 1912 on a 10-acre farm specializing in the door-to-door delivery of fresh milk to homes, Hansen Foods has a rich history built on the foundation of the Wisconsin dairy industry.

Today, we serve a niche pizza manufacturing market that emphasizes quality and dynamic flexibility. From concept to execution, we can respond to our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

From those early beginnings through today and beyond, Hansen Foods is committed to producing and providing high-quality products for consumers. We not only support U.S. dairy farms but value American-made dairy foods with no imitation or substitute ingredients.

We invite you to learn more about our private label pizza capabilities.

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